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The Story of Gucci Marmont Bag

The Story of Gucci Marmont Bag
By Ggbags 1 years ago 196 Views No comments

One name, a thousand references

Launched in 2016 by Alessandro Michele, the creative director of the Italian luxury House, the Marmont is part of a larger collection that bears the same name as the bag. When it comes to naming its designs, Gucci never leaves anything to chance! From the famous Jackie bag, renamed after the stylish First Lady of the United States Jacqueline Kennedy, to the Dionysus bag adorned with a tiger buckle that evokes the tiger-drawn chariot of the god of winemaking and festivity, every detail is carefully chosen.

As for the Marmont bag, there again, no coincidence. Its name refers to the Château Marmont, a Californian hotel that has been popular with stars since the 1920s. It is THE place of all excesses: grandiose parties and well-kept secrets have shaped the reputation of this glamorous place and its very famous guests, including Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, James Dean, Jim Morrison or, more recently, Lady Gaga. A nod to the scandals that have surrounded the House of Gucci? One thing is for sure: in just a few years of existence, the little Gucci bag has probably witnessed as much madness as the walls of the legendary Los Angeles hotel!

Another detail, another reference: its brass double G-buckle is directly inspired by the belt buckles of a collection launched by Gucci in the 1970s. A decade that brought good luck to the haute couture House, but that also marked the fashion world. A bohemian feel, a variety of materials and bold pop lines are some of the key elements which Alessandro Michele has explored to pay homage to Gucci's designs from that era.

One bag, a thousand looks

The Marmont bag takes up some of the codes of the seventies style, which give it all its charm. A GG buckle with a distressed finish, thick graphic quilting and a shoulder strap that combines a leather strap and a curb chain with an androgynous vibe. Although simple, these features make it easy to recognize a Gucci Marmont bag, despite the fact that the accessory comes in so many different styles and design. Just look at the variety of models on offer in Vintega's selection of second-hand Gucci bags!

Firstly, in terms of materials, the Marmont has adopted leather – which enhances its quilting –, denim, fabric, but also velvet and its very chic feel. One important detail: the quilting comes in both zigzag and diagonal patterns, for an ever-so-retro look. Some models in fabric or exotic leather are no longer sold in Gucci shops, and can therefore only be found in the second-hand Gucci bag collections!

Although the Marmont bag is very easy to wear thanks to its minimalist look, it is still very versatile, especially thanks to the color options made available by the House of Gucci. From simple black leather to bright purple velvet, not to mention plain bags with contrasting edges or sequins, it can adapt to any situation! Some limited editions even feature a pearl buckle. Here at Vintega, we love vintage embroidered versions, what about you?

Finally, one can’t talk about the variety of styles of the Marmont bag without mentioning the many different models that are on offer. You might be familiar with the flap and shoulder strap version of the Gucci bag, but did you know that it is also available with a top handle, as a zipped pouch or even as a tote bag? For those who can't make up their mind, the classic handbag or the bucket bag are always a good choice. As for the working girls who ride their scooters around the streets of Paris and New York, they'll fall in love with the trendy belt bag. Visit Vintega's online shop to find the vintage Gucci bag that best suits your style!

One model, a thousand sizes

A real chameleon bag, the Marmont never ceases to impress. To meet a wide range of needs, it is also available in a variety of sizes. This makes it even more difficult to choose the right model!
There are four sizes of the classic Marmont shoulder bag: Super Mini, Mini, Small and Medium, with a width ranging from 6.2’’ to about 12’’ for the Medium bag. Two sizes – Mini and Small – are available for the zipper models and the top handle bags. You can also choose a half-moon bag, a wallet version or a mini case to carry your mobile phone in style.

Stylish in any size, the Marmont is also highly functional, with a main pocket that can easily hold a glasses case, lipstick and even a folding umbrella for the larger models.
Its compact size and sleek style make it an ideal option for anyone looking for a luxury bag to wear on a daily basis. It can easily be paired with casual outfits, yet still provides the edgy feel that is typical of Gucci bags. You can never go wrong with a Marmont!

Did we spark your curiosity? Check out our selection of second-hand Gucci bags, which includes unique Marmont designs and many other goodies waiting to join your wardrobe. A truly iconic bag, the Marmont holds an even more fascinating aura in its vintage version. Now, it's your turn to create exciting new adventures that are worthy of the most intriguing anecdotes from the Château Marmont!